Banana Fibre

Global warming is a major threat to mankind .To stop and to reverse the effect of global warming, there is a need to replace non-reverse the effect of global warming, there is a need to replace non- renewable, non-degradable, and synthetic materials with renewable, bio-degradable, and natural material. The best way to bring about the change is to make use of or find innovative uses for agricultural waste which can be used is banana trunk. In India, approximately 5 lakhs tones of banana trunk is discarded as waste every year , after harvesting.Insted,we can extract fiber from hose trunks which has extensive uses in industries like textile, paper, and composite materials. Banana fiber is a very good replacement for synthetic fiber.

Extraction of Banana Fiber

Banana fiber is extracted from the pseudo stem Sheath of the plant. The extraction can be done mainly in three ways: Manual, chemical and Mechanical. Of these, mechanical extraction is the best way to ontain fiber of both good quality and quantity in an eco-friendly way. In this process the fiber is extracted by inserting the pseudo stem sheaths one by one into a raspador machine. The raspador machine removes non-fibrous tissues and the coherent material (known as sctcher) from the fiber bundle present in the sheath and gives the fine fiber as output. After extraction, the fiber is shade dried for a day and packed in HDPE bags. Then extraction, then it is stored away from moisture and light to keep it in good condition until it is used.

Our Machinery

We introduce our latest power raspador machine BANANA STAR which is far than superior the machines that are available presently in the market. It is manufactured using high quality materials such as ISO Certified Steel Frames, Rust free 304 Stainless steel shaft and shields for long life and low maintenance. Higher percentage of fiber recovery is the hallmark of our machine. In 8 hours, our machine can extract 15 to 19 kg of dry fiber of desired length based on the variety of banana plant used. The machine is user – friendly and safe in handling , with our machine, farmers can extract around 150kg fiber per acre and therefore a farmer with 10 acres can extract around 1.5 tons of fiber earning around rs.1 lakhs in two months ,excluding expenses . Apart from the fiber, the scutcher waste can be used to produce vermin-compost for use in the farmer’s own field as a manure which is available at free of cost.

Advantage of the Machine

  • Extracks 15 kg fiber in 8 hours.
  • Consumes less Electricity, That is 0.75 units per hour
  • Provides fiber of superior quality in terms of length softness , Strength, and colour
  • Less Maintenance, Easy and safe to operate.
  • Clean work Environment
  • Reduces Drudgery.

Uses of Banana Fiber

Banana fiber is used for the following purposes:

  • To make currencies, bond papers , and speciality papers which can last for 100 years
  • As a very good replacement for wood pulp in paper industry, as it has high cellulose content,thus reducing the Environmental impact of deforestation
  • In making composite materials as a replacement for fiber glass
  • For manufacturing mattresses, pillows and cushions in the furniture industry.
  • In handicraft, extensively for making bags, purse, mobile phone cover, door mats, curtains, and yoga mats etc.
  • In the manufacture of textiles
  • Research is underway to find out other uses of this fiber